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Admission Procedures

Each student must be 18 years of age, and must be a high school graduate or hold a General Education Development (GED) certificate.  Each prospective student must provide Starmark Academy with either a copy of his or her high school or college transcript or diploma, or an official copy of his or her GED certificate.

To ensure the safety of Academy staff and students, each prospective must also provide the Academy with an official FBI criminal check, two letters of reference that are work or character related from someone other than a friend or family member.  To ensure the safety of Academy staff and students and to verify identity, each prospective student must also provide the Academy with an official FBI Identification Record.  The typical cost for this is $18 and can be obtained by acquiring a set of fingerprints at your local law enforcement agency and submitting them to the FBI.  For more information on obtaining your FBI Identification Record, please visit the FBI’s website at

Each prospective student is required to:

  • Submit a $50 application fee. (This fee is for the purpose of offsetting the Academy’s cost to process the application and will not be applied to your tuition amount upon attendance.)
  • Submit a $500 refundable tuition deposit.
  • Submit other required information and materials (high school or college transcript or GED certificate, entrance essay, NCIC criminal history).

Upon completion of the foregoing a prospective student will be considered for admission.  Each prospective student will be notified as to whether he or she has been accepted for admission to the Academy.

The Academy reserves the right to reject an applicant for any reason.

Note: The Academy will only reserve your class seat upon school acceptance and receipt of your refundable $500 tuition deposit.  Former students who wish to re-enter the Academy (including those who have withdrawn, whether for good cause or no cause, or who have been terminated) must submit an updated application for admission along with a new application fee and all other required information.  All re-entry students must have his or her previous Academy transcript updated and evaluated to determine which program components have been successfully completed and will apply to his or her current program of study.

Academy students who have completed a program of study are allowed to continue their Academy education for the purpose of completing other programs of study upon submission of an updated application, an application fee for the new program of study, transcripts or certificates evidencing completion of prior programs of study, and all other required information.  An interview may be required at the discretion of the Director.

IF you choose to send a hard copy of your application please mail to:

Starmark Academy
Attn: Admissions
200 County Road 197
Hutto, TX  78634

Please fill out the form below to start the application process.

  • Room preference is granted first come, first serve, based on the order in which your application and tuition deposit are received. Preference cannot be guaranteed.

  • Employment History

    Please provide employment history for the preceding 5 years. List present employment first.
  • Education

  • List any additional schools, dates attended, and certifications received:
  • References

    Please list 3 personal references including name, address, phone number, and relationship to you.
  • Essay with Application

    Please write a brief essay answering the following questions:
    1. What made you decide to become a professional dog trainer? 2. Why do you seek admission to Starmark Academy? 3. What are your career goals and aspirations? Your essay can be emailed to when you complete your application.

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