Starmark Academy Training Directors and Instructors have been successful in many aspects of dog training: companion obedience, competitive obedience, agility, retriever training, search and rescue, and assistance dogs. Academy Instructors have instructed others at many levels of dog training and competition. Academy Directors and Instructors are active trainers and competitors and can be seen training young prospects and seasoned champions daily.

Keith Benson

Keith is a certified professional dog trainer and animal behavior specialist with over 20 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with continuing education in Animal Behavior. He is the President/COO of Starmark Animal Behavior Center, Inc, which is one of the largest, most comprehensive training and behavior centers for dogs in the world. As President and Academy Director for Starmark’s school for Professional Dog Trainers, Keith oversees the school’s international curriculum and growth. The school attracts students from around the world seeking to learn the art and science behind a career as a professional dog trainer. Using client and behavioral research from these two corporations Keith helped found Starmark Pet Products, Inc., which designs award-winning training and behavior tools that are distributed in over 40 countries around the world. In addition to his executive role in these companies, Keith frequently provides media commentary and consulting for companies throughout the pet industry.

Jagger Brocious

Jagger is a graduate from the Canine Training and Behavior Specialist 12-week course with a focus in Pet Dog Obedience as well as Behavioral Modification. After graduating the program, he then applied for and was extended an internship that focused mostly on behavioral rehab work for dogs labeled “unfit” for adoption as well as his other requirements to help with the program. Upon completing his course as a student and his internship he was then offered a position with Starmark Animal Behavior Center as a trainer. Over those next few years, he worked with countless owners and their dogs to better their relationships. Along the way moving on to head the Training Department for Starmark. When the opportunity presented itself, he then took the next step out of the Training Department and moved over to the Academy. His focus is still primarily pet obedience and behavioral work. However, his goal has always been the same; helping people help their dogs. Just now he can do it on a larger scale through his students in the academy.

Kyle Grider

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