Q: Is Starmark a licensed school?

 A: Yes. Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, TX.

Q: What experience must I have before attending Starmark Academy?      

 A: You do not need any prior dog training experience, only a passion for dogs. You must also enjoy working with a variety of people.

Q: Can I make a living as a professional dog trainer?

A: Yes! A career in dog training can be fun and rewarding. Starmark Academy will show you how to maximize your potential in the dog training market. Whether you are doing in –home lessons, training in your local park, or building your own training facility, you will have the knowledge and ability to help succeed.

Q: Are there career opportunities after I graduate? How will I find out about them?

 A: We cannot guarantee job placement after graduation; however, Starmark Academy can assist you in your job search. Each graduate student will receive access to our alumni website that provides job listings from potential employers.

Q: What makes Starmark Academy better than other schools?

A: Starmark offers the most comprehensive hands-on program in the country. No other school will better prepare you for a career in professional dog training than Starmark. We invite you to tour our facility and visit with our instructors. Starmark Academy is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, TX. There is simply no other school that compares to Starmark. Come and see the difference.

 Q: Do you have a financial aid program?

A: Yes, Sallie Mae Financial offers a wide variety of options for qualified applicants. Take a look at our Salle Mae information packet for more details. You can also visit slmfinancial.com and look at the Career Training Smart Loan Option.

Q: Is Starmark Academy approved for Veteran Benefits?

A: Yes. We are approved for Veterans Education Benefits for the utilization of GI Bill Benefits, including Chapters 31, 33, & 35.

Q: When will the Academy be in session?

A: Starmark Academy will conduct scheduled classes Monday through Friday from approximately 8:00 am to 5pm. Students usually have an hour lunch along with two 15-minute breaks during the day. In the evenings we have a variety of group lessons and activities available for your observation. Kennel duty will be expected from each student on a rotating basis. Please see our “Know Before You Go” packet for more details.

Q: What is a typical day at Starmark Academy?

A: You will have a combination of classroom lectures, hands on training, and lab work throughout the day. You can reference our Starmark Academy Course Catalog for a better look at what you can expect from each.

Q: Am I able to work outside of class?

A: Starmark strongly urges against maintaining a job outside of class, due to the demand of working your dogs outside of the class schedule. Students should be spending time outside of the regular schedule to ensure dogs are meeting their training expectations for class and testing purposes.

Q: Are weekends free for students to come and go as they please?

A: Students are free to do as they wish on the weekends, provided their dogs are cared for. As previously mention, students will be on a rotation of kennel duty as well. Students are graded on their responsibilities.

Q: Where will I live while attending school?

A: Starmark Academy offers basic lodging options consisting of single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes. We offer available housing to all students. Units include furnished washer/dryer, kitchen, dining, and living areas, along with fenced yards.

Q: What can I expect from housing?

A: Students are expected to bring belongings including but not limited to bedding, towels, and other personal items. Students will his or her own room, but will share the common areas (living room, kitchen, etc…) with 1-3 other students. A $350 housing deposit is required in order to save a room. $200 of this deposit is refundable upon inspection of room.

Q: Is student housing a requirement?

A: No, housing is optional. Students may choose to commute daily, or even stay in single housing off campus. We encourage students to find off-site housing if the provided units do meet their needs.

Q: Can I bring my dog to school with me?

A: Yes. You may bring one dog with for the 4-week course and up to two dogs for the 8 -16-week courses. Additional dogs through our Rescue and Shelter partnership with a variety of temperaments and training levels. The dogs you bring will live with you in students housing and need to be crated when they are not supervised. You may bring your dogs with you to class and keep them in a crate area or in a day run. For students staying off-site, day runs in the kennel area are on a first come first serve basis.

Q: I don’t have a dog. Do I need to go out and get one?

A: No. Starmark Academy works with several local rescue groups who provide dogs that students are assigned to work with and care for. The training and care provided here will increase the likelihood that they will be adopted in to long-term homes. For more information and a list of available dogs, please visit the Rescue Dog link on our website at schoolfordogtrainers.com. We recommend against purchasing a dog for use at the Academy. Some students find that their rescue dogs are exactly what they were looking for and end up adopting them. Some students have a particular type in mind. During the course you will learn how to evaluate and select dogs that can best meet the criteria needed to excel in different types of work. Through your experiences, you will discover what characteristics you want most in a dog.

Q: What training methods are taught at Starmark Academy?

A: You will learn a wide variety of safe, effective, and humane methods to train a wide variety of dogs. Different dogs require a variety of training methods. We will show you the proper way to be successful with these multiple techniques. You will also learn how to correctly and safely use many different types of training equipment from the Clicker to the Remote Collar.

Q: What dog training supplies will I need while attending?

A: We encourage you to bring whatever supplies you may already have; however, all students will receive the proper equipment to train with in the Student Equipment Pack. Required books for the class are provided as part of tuition. We also have a complete pro shop stocked with any additional training equipment and supplies that you may want, offered to students at a discounted rate. Our instructors will guide you in the selection of proper training equipment for your courses.

Q: Who will my instructors be while attending Starmark?

A: Instructors here at Starmark have been involved with dogs most of their lives and professionally for many years, in addition to having vast dog training experience with thousands of dogs. As the world’s largest dog training campus, only the best professionals with outstanding skills were selected to instruct our students. We invite you call or visit them and see the difference they will make in your dog training career.

Q: I want to learn it all. Do I have to take the 4 week course, and then come back for the 8 week Canine Training Specialist course? What about the other courses as well?

A: No. The 8 week Canine Training Specialist course includes the 4 week course. The same goes for the 12 week course. The 12 week course is our longest course offering a certification as a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. This means it includes the 8 & 4 week courses.

Q: Is there a dress code while attending the academy?

A: Yes. Students must dress appropriately as dictated by the instructors and/or administrators. Starmark Academy dress code is designed to reflect a public business, while meeting needs of their working environment. Cut off sleeves or shorts, mid-riff baring tops, and open toed or backless shoes are just a few examples. You can find a full list of dress code related items in the “Know Before You Go” packet.